Safety & Regulations

Golden Engineering's X-ray machines produce ionizing radiation with associated health hazards.  The machines have many safety features warning the operator of X-ray emission and limiting the radiation outside the X-ray beam.  When the machines are used within the parameters specified by Golden Engineering the operators and bystanders should never receive a measurable dose of radiation.  All of Golden Engineering's machines are open beam X-ray machines so there is a potential of radiation exposure if the operator neglects the safety guidelines.  Develop and maintain a safe operating procedure that ensures the safety of operators and bystanders, meets or exceeds the safety guidelines in the corresponding operators manual, and meets the appropriate state or federal regulations.  Golden Engineering's  machines are classified as industrial type X-ray machines that need to be registered with the appropriate state or federal governing authority.

PDF Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Guidelines.- XR200, XRS-3, and XRS-4 - [PDF - 24KB]

PDF State Regulations Contact Offices. - [PDF - 93KB]

PDF Leakage Tables. - [PDF - 53KB]

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