Pulsed X-ray technology

Golden Engineering X-ray generators are based on Pulsed X-ray technology.  Pulsed X-rays generate a high intensity X-ray burst (pulse) in a very short period of time (10 to 50 nanoseconds depending on the model).  The output dose of each pulse is 3-6 mR measured 12 inches from the front of the X-ray generator.  The operator varies the overall dose of each exposure by changing the pulse setting. The pulse rate varies from 10 pulses per second to 25 pulses per second depending on the model.  The generators can fire up to 200 pulses before a four-minute rest period.

Pulsed X-ray technology has inherent advantages for field operation compared to conventional constant potential X-ray machines or radioactive sources.

Performance and Packaging:  Pulsed technology generates high output voltage using minimal input voltage.  The result is extremely small single package generators with significant penetrating capability.

Safety and Simplicity:  Minimal side and rear X-ray leakage means the operator safety stand-off distance is 20 feet (6 m) behind the unit.  The generators contain no radioactive material. Radiation is only emitted from the generator while it is pulsing.  The single package design eliminates the need for connecting cables between tube head, control module, and power supply.  The Golden Engineering cold cathode tube requires no warm up and one input variable (pulse setting) simplifies the operating process.

Compatibility:  Golden Engineering pulsed generators are compatible with most digital imaging systems.  Conventional radiographic film requires more X-ray dose than digital imaging systems and may not be a viable option for light duty, pulsed X-ray generators.  Contact us for more information.

Model Weight
kV Penetration
(steel) in./cm
Dose mR
per pulse*
Pulse rate
per sec.
Rear Standoff
Distance Ft / m
XR150 4.5 / 2.04 150 0.50 / 1.27 2.7-5 50 ns 4 cts ** 10 /3
XR200 12 / 5.44 150 0.50 / 1.27 2.7-4 50 ns 25 10 / 3
XRS3 13 / 5.90 270 1.00 / 2.54 2.7-4  25 ns 15 10 /3
XRS4 20 / 9.07 370 1.75 / 4.46 4.5-7 10 ns 10 20 / 6


*mR per pulse at 12 in. (30.48 cm)

**3 pulses per count